Excel Sensus Ultra Dive Log

The Excel Sensus Dive Log spreadsheet was created to supplement the Sensus Dive Manager with the benefit of greater customization and integration with non-Sensus dive log information.

Written as an Microsoft Excel macro using Visual Basic, the spreadsheet imports dive profile data from the Sensus data files and organizes them based on annual and lifetime totals.


Excel Sensus Dive Log for MS Office 1997-2003 (*.xls)

Excel Sensus Dive Log for MS Office 2007 (*.xlsm)

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What is compatibility? Compatible with Sensus Ultra Manager 2.81

Where do I download Sensus Mgr? Reefnet.ca or http://Reefnet.ca/downloads/

So Mike, why did you write this program? I wanted flexibility to add non-sensus dive data and track my lifetime dive count. Also, I secretly want to be rich and you can help! If you like to program, please donate.

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How To:

1) Download, Save, and Open the Dive Log Excel workbook to your computer (name it anything you want).

2) Click 'Summary' Worksheet > Click 'Folder' button and select location of sensus *.dat files (Typical location: "C:\Program Files\reefnet\sensus\SU-12345")

3) Select Minimum dive time requirement. Dives with less than specified time will be omitted from import. Typical time reqirement: 5 minutes

4) Clicking "Run" button on 'Summary' worksheet to start importing.

General Guidelines:

Enter non-sensus dives manually on formated dive year sheets. Data will automatically be added to 'Summary' sheet. Do not alter 'Summary' or 'Archive' sheets.

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