Diving Bells

A few years ago my daughter Piper came home from school and asked, "Dad, do we recycle, reduce, and reuse?", "Why sure!", I said. But it got me thinking about how I could reuse/recycle my old scuba gear.

Not long after that, a condemned 40cuft Aluminum Luxfer feel into my hands and my first diving bell was born.



The bells are made from reused SCUBA cylinders that have lived a good long life. Once a tank fails inspection, it is condemned and sold as scrap. I 'save' the bell from the scrap heap and give it a new lease on life.

My process is simple, first the tanks are cut and cleaned according to size of tank. Next I attached the mounting handware, clanger, and prep the final assembly for a protective coating and decorative charm. Each bell takes several hours to complete and can be considered a labor of love.


Great stuff Mike, how do I get one? Sales are handled on personalized basis. Trading email is a good place to start.

I've got an old Scuba tank I want made into a bell? Email me so we can get started.

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